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Big Family

Residents live in small groups of no more than 10 per home, which include full kitchen, dining area, living room and outdoor communal areas. 


Big Details

The community has a silent call light system or has turned off the audible feature, using only a visual feature. Team members communicate with each other without using overhead paging.


Total Privacy

Residents live in either private rooms or privacy enhanced, shared rooms* where residents’ living space is separated. Fully Implemented means all residents live in either private or privacy-enhanced, shared rooms.



The community has no nurses’ stations. Team members work in areas accessible to residents and families, supporting the look and feel of a community. The community never uses medication carts and eliminates any trace of institutional facility.


Own Style

Residents are welcome to decorate their walls according to their preferences such as with removable hooks/strips. Institutional, over-the-door call lights have been replaced with alternatives such as porch lights at the side of resident room doors or a silent communication system.


Big Difference

Resident rooms have mailboxes at the room entry or in a central mail location. Residents and families have easy access to microwaves and assistance if needed. Residents and families have easy access to coffee makers and assistance if needed. The community supports the right of residents to have a refrigerator in their room/apartment.


Always Connected

Wi-Fi is available to residents and visitors throughout resident use areas at no additional charge, passwords are displayed and easily accessible (if required), and team members provide needed assistance


Outdoor Areas

The community provides accessible outdoor space for resident use at times of their choice. Assistance is provided for any resident needing assistance accessing this space.


Moving In

Prior to or during the move-in process,* and when changes occur, the resident/family is notified of all amenities/opportunities available (committees, resident council, family council, volunteer options, computer center, massage, etc.).

Get in Touch

El Cuarton

Tarifa, Cadiz 11380

+34 856 38 88 90

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