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Our Services

At Cocoon, we understand that a truly fulfilling senior living experience goes beyond the comfort of home. That's why we are proud to offer an array of concierge services designed to enhance the lives of our residents. Our dedicated concierge team is committed to ensuring that every aspect of daily life is seamless, allowing our residents to focus on what matters most—enjoying the richness of their golden years.


Cocoon's transportation services provide residents with the freedom to explore the world outside their doorstep. Whether it's a medical appointment, a shopping excursion, or a cultural event, our reliable and convenient transportation options make every journey enjoyable and stress-free.

Health & Wellness

Cocoon's health and wellness programs are tailored to support residents in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. From fitness classes to wellness workshops, our community fosters physical well-being, helping residents thrive at every stage of life.

Asset Management

Cocoon understands the importance of efficient asset management. Our concierge team provides support in overseeing financial matters, helping residents manage their assets with ease and peace of mind. From budgeting assistance to financial planning, we've got you covered.


Our concierge service takes care of it all, from securing seats at the finest local restaurants to organizing tickets for cultural events and outings. We ensure that our residents have access to the best experiences our community has to offer.

Health Monitoring & Support

Cocoon takes a proactive approach to health by offering monitoring and support services. Our trained staff ensures that residents receive the attention they need, whether it's assistance with medication management or regular health check-ins.

Legal & Admin

Navigating legal and administrative matters can be complex, but at Cocoon, our concierge service is here to simplify the process. Whether it's assistance with paperwork, legal consultations, or administrative tasks, we provide the support needed to manage these aspects of life effortlessly.

What Our Clients Say

Sylvia, K.

"Choosing Cocoon for my dad was a game-changer. The emphasis on safety, combined with the fulfilling lifestyle they offer, gives me peace of mind. The staff goes above and beyond, providing personalized care that makes my dad feel right at home. Cocoon has created a wonderful community that values each resident's unique journey."

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