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Our Pledge

At COCOON, we pledge unwavering commitment to a person-directed approach, placing individual preferences, choices, and dignity at the forefront of everything we do. This commitment extends not only to our cherished residents but also to our dedicated employees who are essential contributors to fostering a vibrant and respectful community. We believe in empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives on their own terms, creating an atmosphere where every voice is heard, every choice is honored, and every person is valued. This pledge is the foundation of our promise to provide exceptional care, support, and a genuine sense of belonging for all who call COCOON home.

Seniors Laughing


Majority Rules

Person-directed care means the Seniors are in charge and get to decide about everything going on inside the house. And for matters that require voting (Menu, Policies, etc), a vote takes place and the majority decides.


One for All, All for One

Seniors with high-affinity are matched to boost the community spirit inside the home. Multi-generational relationships are built and families all stick together in good times and bad.

Family Lunch
Old and Young


Family Spirit

Families are always welcome. Unlike traditional homes, they are also able to cook or even sleep over in the private room of the resident if need be. Just like in your own home.


Pet Friendly

Pets are most welcome - if the home was voted as pet friendly b the majority of the residents. They can sleep in your private room and will receive lots of love and care.

Pet Groomer


We Love Tech

Technology empowers Seniors and we do our best to look out and procure the latest innovations and solutions to improve the lives of our residents. From tele-medicine to home automation, COCOON homes are equipped and ready for you.


Empowered Team

The care team embedded to COCOON homes is the main reason behind our success. There is no hierarchy inside a COCOON home, just love and care.

Making Fruit Salad


Food is Life

Everything is cooked inside the home by the care team, you and also members of the families are more than welcome to cook too. We choose ecologic products as much as possible and cook nutritional and healthy meals. 


Care Culture

We have adopted the GHP care model and implemented person-directed care initiatives across physical, psychological and organisational levels to improve the lives of our seniors, every day.

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