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Loneliness among heart failure 
patients associated with 4 times 
increased risk of death, and 68% 
increased risk of hospitalization.

High rates of infection and mortality among 
residents, staff during C19. Significant 
disruptions to staffing and operations.

Rates of abuse of Seniors are high with 2 in 3 staff reporting that they committed abuse in 2020.

7 in 10 will seek assisted living options once they’re no longer able to care for themselves 

World facing significant shortage of care workers with more than 400k additional workers needed in the US alone, by 2030 

Social isolation was associated 
with about a 50% increased risk of 

Overwhelmed and disengaged care staff, thus causing poor quality of care overall.

The cost of private assisted living can be 
overwhelming with $4,500 is the median cost of a single bedroom unit in a LTC facility.

At the push of a button

Choose your Home

Homes are categorized based on the stage of life, type of care needed, gender, and other important factors to ensure the best possible match for each resident.

Choose your care team

Access profiles of caregiving staff to review their expertise and easily connect with them to ask any questions or address any concerns.

Pick your neighbours

Get to know future neighbors and build relationships with them prior to move-in, fostering a sense of community and comfort in your new home.

Choose your home
Choose your home
Pick your neighbours
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