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Family Spirit

According to the residents’ preferences, the community invites outside groups to meet in the community, with residents welcome to attend. Children regularly engage with residents. 


Community Life

The community works with residents to accommodate their preferences to be actively engaged in community life outside the community, such as clubs, volunteering at schools, animal shelters, homeless shelters.


Active Engagement

Residents have opportunities to engage in events outside the community, such as fairs, parades, voting, concerts, and ball games.


Cooking and Baking

A kitchen, or activity kitchen is available for residents and families to cook and bake. 


Family Council

There is a family council/group that meets routinely. The community actively solicits the views of family members and treats them as care partners* instead of visitors in working together to accommodate the resident’s preferences.


Family Volunteering

The community recruits family members and outside community members as volunteers.


Direct Care

The community has a standing culture change task force/committee/team with a broad representation of residents/family members, supervisory and direct care team members from various shifts, administration, and nursing leadership.

Get in Touch

El Cuarton

Tarifa, Cadiz 11380

+34 856 38 88 90

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